Vinicius Diniz VizzottoASML Foundation director

Vinicius was appointed as director as of June 13,2023. Vinicius joined ASML in January 2023 and is also ESG & Sustainability Legal Counsel at ASML. Before joining ASML he was, for 11 years, part of the Legal Business Team of DLL Group, a Dutch financial company owned by Rabobank.

Vinicius Diniz Vizzotto
Huub DekkersBoard member

Huub was appointed as a board member of the ASML Foundation as of June 16, 2020. He has extensive experience in various areas, for the past 10 years focusing specifically on education. Huub is also an active member of the wider community in a range of areas including education, politics and the labor market.

Huub Dekkers board member of ASML foundation
Leon CaersBoard member

Leon has been an ASML Foundation board member since February 14, 2017. He has extensive experience in a wide range of HR-related activities, including as owner of his own HR consultancy for the last 20+ years. Leon has always been and still is an active member of the community.

Leon Caers