Corporate citizenship

Doing good is good business

We are committed to conducting our business in an accountable and caring way, for our employees and the wider communities we operate in.

Dialogue and knowledge-sharing are important in an innovation-driven industry like ours. We’re taking action in areas we’ve identified with our stakeholders as of highest potential or actual impact.

When the community thrives, we thrive

As a global technology leader and employer, ASML plays an active role in the communities we operate in to create a positive impact. We foster close community ties, working with communities, institutions and interest groups, and encourage our employees to get involved and do their part as well.

Community engagement

Our community engagement program is built around three areas: education, culture and local outreach. We organize and sponsor various initiatives and organizations that help to strengthen communities, promote diversity and unlock potential through an enthusiasm for technology. In addition, our global volunteering program encourages our employees to become more involved in their local communities.

Find out more our community engagement activities and the opportunities to apply for sponsorship.

ASML Foundation

The ASML Foundation focuses on the UN’s fourth Sustainable Development Goal: to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning. It aims to increase the self-sufficiency of disadvantaged children through educational initiatives that develop their talents and help unlock their potential.

Although closely linked to our company, the ASML Foundation operates independently and is our charity of choice. We encourage our employees to support the ASML Foundation, either financially or through volunteer work.

Find out more about the ASML Foundation.

A company is only as good as its people

Ensuring employee health and safety

We take responsibility for protecting our employees, by making ASML a safe place to work. Environment, health and safety (EHS) is crucial to creating a safe and trusted working environment. We believe that all work-related injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. As such, we are working towards a long-term ambition for zero incidents.

Our line managers are responsible for day-to-day EHS management and set our processes and policies. Our EHS Competence Center gathers the best practices and defines the EHS standards for ASML, helping our managers to implement these standards. We conduct regular risk and hazard evaluations, which provide further insights into our main risk and hazard areas. We can then take appropriate action to mitigate these risks.

We provide employees with EHS training to raise their awareness and operational skills and familiarize them with EHS standards. To improve our EHS performance, we encourage our employees to speak up whenever they encounter safety risks. We investigate all incidents and near-misses to determine the root cause, and take corrective actions to prevent them from recurring or occurring in the future.

Our EHS management system complies with ISO 14001 requirements and is structured based on the ISO 45001.

Safe and compliant products

Our products must be safe to work with and use. At ASML, product safety starts at the design stage. Paying attention to nine key risk areas, our product designers are trained to identify any safety issues in the early stages of the design process.

The products and tools that we develop meet international safety regulations and comply with all relevant legislation, including EU safety regulations and SEMI S2, the semiconductor industry guidelines. A third party verifies our compliance with SEMI S2, which is achieved for each and every product type we ship.

We are committed to complying with EU guidelines for handling hazardous materials and chemicals, including the RoHS directive and REACH regulation, even though the products we manufacture are currently excluded from the RoHS directive. We aim to, whenever possible, reduce and eliminate the use of hazardous substances and replace non-compliant parts with RoHS-compliant alternatives.

Fair and balanced remuneration

We strive for fair and balanced remuneration, giving our employees the peace of mind to stay motivated and engaged in their day-to-day work.

We ensure our remuneration policies are globally consistent, while respecting common practices in local markets. We continuously compare our remuneration to market benchmarks for technology professionals in every region where we operate. We are confident that we meet the adequate 'living wage' requirement in each of these regions.

Labor relations

We want to provide fair labor conditions and social protection for all our employees, regardless of their location and whether they are on a fixed or flexible contract.

We support the principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and we respect the rights of all employees to form and join trade unions of their own choosing, to bargain collectively and to engage in peaceful assembly. 


In all our countries where we have employee representation, we engage in regular dialogue with the different organizations representing our employees. In these conversations, topics are brought forward by both the company and the employee representatives and are discussed.

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