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Do you speak C++, Python, Java or another programming language?


As a software engineer or data scientist at ASML, you will work on the most advanced optimization algorithms and machine learning techniques.

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Software at ASML is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The lithography systems we build help to manufacture advanced microchips, which means we need to predict and control the shape of billions of patterns – each to an accuracy of a few atoms.

Are you ready for a challenging career?


Our teams are full of people with diverse skills. Coupled with software experience, your background might also include physics, chemistry or math.


We are hiring:


  • Software development engineers

  • Software quality assurance engineers

  • Product engineers

  • Data scientists

  • Algorithm engineers

  • Optics engineers

  • Application engineers

  • Software design engineers

An AMSL software engineer works on a see-through whiteboard

Why work for ASML?


  • Stability and growth opportunities.

  • Advancement through educational opportunities, job training and mentorship programs.

  • Multi-disciplinary and diverse working environment.

  • New state- of- the- art campus with on-site gym and cafeteria.

  • Employee benefits such as flexible workplace, health benefits, 401K, family benefits, financial recognition and rewards.


Software in San Jose

Right now, the most advanced microchips can be made up of more than 100 layers and around 55 billion transistors. ASML lithography systems pattern these transistors onto silicon wafers, but it's software applications that make sure these patterns are accurate.

As an ASML software engineer, you will help to predict and control these microchip patterns to an accuracy of a few atoms. You and your team will make this happen as fast as possible, using the most advanced optimization algorithms in combination with the most advanced AI techniques and high-performance computing centers.