Three things you need to know about ASML

1. You’ll need to collaborate, because it’s in our DNA


The cliché is true: there’s no ‘i’ in team. Working together is the only way to solve the complex, intriguing problems that the more than 32,000 people who work at ASML around the world face daily.


We’re working at the cutting edge of technology, developing advanced lithography systems and accompanying hardware and software. That’s only possible if people with diverse ideas, skills and backgrounds put their minds together. On our team, you’ll enjoy a creative, dynamic work environment where you’ll collaborate with supportive colleagues.

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Two people in cleanroom suits working on ASML lithography machine

2. There is a footprint of ASML in your life


ASML makes lithography systems. That might not mean much to you (yet), but chipmakers around the world use these systems to manufacture the microchips in electronic devices like your phone, car, fridge or computer.


And these microchips don't just power your gadgets – they’re the answer to many of the challenges society faces in areas such as healthcare, food production and the energy transition. Smarter, smaller, faster and more energy-efficient chips are enabling life-changing innovations, Advanced chips are also being used in low-emission homes built on smart energy grids, helping farmers optimize their crop yield and helping reduce the energy use of data centers.

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3. You can do some awesome things at ASML

One thing almost all ASML employees agree: you’ll never be bored working here. Every day will be a new chance to learn and grow, while you work on technology that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

"The endless opportunities for growth are what I like most about ASML. It just doesn't stop! Every day you meet with new exciting challenges, and that's great because I can't be in a place where I'm doing the same thing every day."

Oksana Kopina, project lead for new product introduction engineering

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Learn about ASML in one minute

We manufacture complex lithography systems critical to the production of microchips, unlocking the potential of people and society by pushing technology to new limits. Want to know how? Watch the video to find out in just 60 seconds.