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No two days are alike in this fast-paced, precision cleanroom environment

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Over 7,000 people work in ASML’s seven cleanroom factories at sites in the EU, US and Asia. In this high-precision, Lean environment, we assemble, test and deliver our complex lithography and metrology & inspection portfolio, from prototype to final product.

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Working in Manufacturing at ASML

Manufacturing offers a wide range of roles for people with vocational qualifications as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Some of our most dynamic teams work the night shift, where you’ll be sure to learn at an accelerated pace. Shift work can also involve a compressed work schedule and, where applicable, a shift allowance. All roles rely on close collaboration and team spirit as we work together to bring the final product to fruition.

Lean manufacturing

ASML manufactures in a Lean environment, where we continuously strive to eliminate waste and inefficiencies, and empower our employees ‘on the shop floor’ to cross train and spearhead bottom-up solutions.

Education level and job characteristics for Manufacturing

Career tracks in Manufacturing

Parts fabricationParts fabrication

Work in a precision cleanroom environment where you’ll build complex modules and parts that form the building blocks of ASML’s high-tech machines.


No two days are alike in Assembly, where you’ll put together, adjust and qualify complex modules and parts. You’ll also help to make ASML’s machines come together and function according to customer specifications.

Product EngineeringProduct Engineering

Design, maintain and optimize production processes in a dynamic environment. You’ll troubleshoot issues that occur during assembly and help to decrease cycle time and cost while increasing quality and efficiency.


In Planning and Logistics, you can either work on the production floor, making sure that our assemblers have the right parts at the right time, or you can become a shift, production or master planner.

Inside our Veldhoven cleanroom factory

Take a look inside our EUV cleanroom in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, where we manufacture our latest-generation lithography systems.

ASMLs cleanroom for EUV
A visit to ASML's cleanroom for EUV | ASML

“Manufacturing at ASML is high-precision work. There’s always something new to learn or something to figure out – I’m never bored here.”

– Sabrina Hampe, competence engineer

Inside the insanely clean, precise world of high-tech manufacturing

Modern-day manufacturing is nothing like the dirty, greasy images from the industrial age. When you’re working with nanometer precision, cleanliness is the most important feature. Step inside the unique manufacturing world of ASML.

Illustration by Aad Goudappel

Seven ways that ASML is making re-use an everyday mantra

As ASML’s circular economy ecosystem continues to mature, it opens the door to new waste-reduction possibilities.

A person in a cleanroom dismantles wafer stage for re-use.

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