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Home to our largest site in Asia, Taiwan plays a major role in the world’s semiconductor industry and at ASML

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Our multinational teams are based in Hsinchu, Linkou, Taichung and Tainan. With a core focus on manufacturing and customer support, our engineers benefit from exclusive access to our industry-leading machines and customers, including TSMC.








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"ASML is an international environment with a lot of developmental opportunities. Aside from communicating with employees from all over the world, we also have a lot of opportunities to broaden our horizons. For example, we get to participate in the conference overseas. These are big challenges for a new employee, but I am so grateful that I can have these opportunities." 
Emily Lee

Field application engineer

Emily Taiwan office

ASML is an established force in Taiwan with four customer support offices, DUV and EUV training centers and two production plants.

Our engineers regularly collaborate with our global customers, including TSMC, to install, develop and maintain their systems. This gives our teams the best of both worlds – experience working with our world-leading lithography machines and the opportunity to learn from and work with the semiconductor industry’s top players.

When we set up the YieldStar optical metrology production line and teamed up with leading e-beam metrology and inspection tools supplier Hermes Microvision (HMI) in 2016, this cemented Taiwan’s strategic position within ASML to deliver our holistic lithography solutions to our global customers.

Employee benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • 13th and 14th month payment
  • Competitive overtime and shift allowance
  • Paid vacation and other time off
  • Performance-based variable pay plan
  • Long-term incentive plan
  • Employee share purchase plan
  • Health Insurance and health checks
  • Labor insurance and group insurance (100% paid)
  • Anniversary award
  • Training and development opportunities, including educational assistance through our Global Training and Studies program and international job rotation opportunities
  • Comprehensive welfare benefits package (free lunch, gym, yoga class…)

Our technology in Taiwan

In Taiwan, we work on refurbishing our more mature lithography systems, and we also develop e-beam metrology and inspection systems, and the software that’s crucial to manufacturing the latest-generation chips.

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Refurbished systems

In Linkou, we refurbish ‘classic’ PAS 5500 and TWINSCAN lithography systems for a new life and a new purpose. These systems are shipped to customers around the world, who in turn use them in to make products such as LED, flat panels or MEMs, the chips that know which way is ‘up’. In our factory, engineers in blue cleanroom suits take apart machines and clean, repair and tweak them to ensure that they perform to their original specifications.

YieldStar optical metrology and e-beam inspection

Our YieldStar optical metrology solutions can quickly and accurately measure the quality of patterns on the wafer. Our HMI e-beam solutions help to locate and analyze individual chip defects amid millions of printed patterns. Delivering speed and accuracy, our metrology and inspection portfolio covers every step manufacturing processes, from R&D to mass production.


Even though ASML is technically a hardware company, we have one of the world’s largest and most pioneering software communities. As chips continue to drastically decrease in size, it would be impossible for our systems to manufacture at dimensions of 10nm or smaller without the software developed by ASML. As a result, our lithography systems are now a hybrid of high-tech hardware and advanced software. Our development teams work across a range of coding practices, providing innovative solutions to the intricate problems that affect the chip-making systems at the heart of the electronics industry.

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Learn more about working at ASML here, including our culture and values as well as employee benefits. One of the best ways to get to know ASML is by attending a career event in Taiwan, which may include campus tours and Q&A sessions with real ASML employees.

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