Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2023


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ASML Holding NV will be held at the TWINSCAN Auditorium, ASML Building 7, De Run 6665, Veldhoven, the Netherlands, on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, starting at 14:00 CET.


The convocation notice, the agenda with explanatory notes and related documents are available and can be downloaded from this page (see below).


Issued and outstanding shares

Below is information about the number of issued and outstanding shares at the convocation date, Monday, March 13, 2023:


  • Aggregate number of issued shares: 403,138,228 ordinary shares

  • Number of treasury shares: 8,746,940 ordinary shares

  • Number of outstanding shares: 394,391,288 ordinary shares

The 394,391,288 outstanding ordinary shares give entitlement to 394,391,288 votes.



For any comments or questions, shareholders may contact Angela van de Kerkhof, deputy company secretary, at [email protected].