7 practical ways you can grow and develop at ASML

Discover how we foster a culture of innovation by promoting lifelong learning and investing in our people’s development.

3-minute read - by Kristiana Lalou, November 15, 2023

According to our CEO, Peter Wennink, “to master the complexity of the work we do at ASML, we need to come together, share our knowledge and learn from each other.” We're a fast-growing organization, where solving complex engineering puzzles and innovating on the nanoscale is the norm. Our people, along with the knowledge they carry, are the lifeblood of our organization. So, we strive to keep them engaged and support their development. Read on to find out all the ways we’re investing in our people’s growth.

1. On-the-job training

At ASML, we’re doing engineering work unlike any other company. Once you’ve joined us, you’ll need time to adjust and get up to speed with our complex technology. Luckily, we offer you our most valuable asset to support your training, the knowledge of our people. We draw from almost 40 years of innovation, and our pioneering engineers are eager to share their expertise. A great example of this is our annual Technology Conference, which started out 22 years ago as a knowledge-sharing event among engineers and has become one of the world’s largest technology insights and innovation conferences. Training on the job is the standard, given the specific knowledge and way of working needed by each team to contribute to our technology. If you’re up for the challenge, you will grow quickly, while having the opportunity to share your fresh ideas.

We collaborate with hundreds of learning partners, offering our team access to over 300,000 learning objects.

2. Engineering training like nowhere else

Our machines are some of the most advanced and complex in the world and the engineering skills that they require are unique. For this reason, we’ve built state-of-the-art training centers in our locations around the world that – depending on your role – will help you get hands-on experience with our machines before you even set foot in the cleanroom. These facilities include virtual reality training rooms that allow you to ‘virtually’ access our lithography systems, and practical training courses where you engage with close replicas of our machines. Moreover, you can experience our unique software first-hand and learn from our experienced colleagues-turned-trainers.

3. Internal mobility

Investing in our people and their development also translates into long-lasting careers at ASML. To ensure our team members experience job satisfaction and a flourishing career, we make sure to provide you with ample internal mobility and career education opportunities. Every year there are multiple career development events, lectures and workshops, a global internal careers festival and a dedicated internal job posting platform. This way, employees can learn tips and tricks from expert lectures, educate themselves on career matters and check out vacancies across departments and disciplines. Interested in a radical career jump? It’s possible at ASML.

Virtual reality training rooms offer ‘virtual’ access to our lithography systems.

4. Best-in-class learning solutions

Collaboration is one of our core values, so we’ve enlisted nearly 300 external learning partners to help us boost our people’s growth. From Harvard and INSEAD, to MasterClass, our teams have access to over 300,000 learning and development courses via our in-house learning experience platform. With a wide variety of topics available, you can choose to become an excellent public speaker, unlock a new engineering skill or pick up any other non work-related skill you want to develop, like gardening or cooking. In fact, our people make the most of all these courses. According to internal research data, in 2022 every ASML employee spent 50 hours in formal training – equivalent to almost seven workdays dedicated to learning.

5. Personalized training programs

With an enormous number of learning courses available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and you may need guidance on how to best approach your development. To help our people navigate all this learning content, we've built a global community of in-house learning and development experts. They know everything about ASML’s learning and development opportunities and can set up personalized learning programs for you. That training trajectory will set you up for success in your chosen career path.

Our annual ASML Technology Conference is a large-scale knowledge-sharing event among ASML engineers offering insights on our latest tech innovation.

6. Mentoring and coaching

Our employees also have access to coaching programs from both external and internal experts, enabling a holistic approach to career development. ASML leaders are the first line of informal coaches available, supporting our employees through on-the-job training and guidance. Some departments, for example, have mentorship programs, connecting senior engineers to new members of the team. Where professional coaching is needed, our employees have access to an automated coaching platform which assigns them a coach based on expertise, location and language.

7. Leadership training

We support our people to develop into leaders that will inspire and motivate their teams to make the impossible possible. We achieve this through a variety of leadership training courses, such as programs that help first-time leaders develop people management skills and leadership capabilities. We also have advanced programs for experienced leaders to further develop and prepare for strategic roles. In addition, we offer the Early Career Acceleration program (ECAP) for ‘high potential’ young leaders to develop their skills, and the Advanced Leadership Acceleration Program (ALAP), which is a nomination-only global talent development program for experienced leaders. Lastly, an internal executive leadership initiative connects ASML executive leaders so we can increase cross-sector collaboration.


At ASML, we strive to keep our talented workforce inspired and engaged, so we can change the world together, one nanometer at a time. Discover more about learning and development and if you want to join ASML check out our vacancies.

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