Internships in the Netherlands

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Complete your internship or graduation assignment at our global headquarters – our biggest R&D and manufacturing site.

Use your education, gain real-life working experience and explore the world of high tech – all at the same time.

At our global headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, we welcome students from all over the world to join us for internships and graduation assignments.

Read about allowances and visa arrangements

Internship allowance

Your full-time monthly allowance depends on your education level:

  • Vocational: € 250
  • Bachelor: € 375
  • Master's: € 500

Interns are also eligible to apply for a travel and housing allowance.

Travel allowance

Interns receive a travel allowance of €0.16 per kilometer up to a maximum of 20 kilometers (one way). You must meet the following requirements in order to receive travel allowance:

  • You are not entitled to a public transport card (‘OV card’).
  • You live more than 10.1 kilometers from ASML (calculated by the official ANWB Routeplanner).
  • You don’t receive ASML housing allowance (travel and housing allowances cannot be received together).
Housing allowance

You must meet the following requirements in order to receive housing allowance:

  • You live 100 kilometers or more away from our global headquarters in Veldhoven and are able to show a rental contract for your place of residence.
  • You are willing to rent new accommodations closer to ASML while you keep renting your current residence. You’ll need to be able to show a rental contract for your new accommodation.
  • You may not sublet one of these rooms during your internship period at ASML.
  • Your internship is for at least four days a week.
Visa arrangements

If you live outside of the European Union and aren’t studying in the Netherlands, we’ll help you arrange your visa and cover the associated costs. To qualify, your internship must last at least six months.


Contact our internship coordinators for more information about our graduation projects and internships in the Netherlands. We are unable to accept open applications.