Phd masterclass 2019

PhD events

Explore our career events and workshops for PhD graduates in Europe and the US

Our PhD Master Class and our PhD Symposium offer the opportunity for PhD students and graduates to discover what it’s like to work inside the fascinating world of ASML technology.

We invite PhD students and graduates to participate in career events that let you dive into ASML technology.

Get to know ASML’s culture and how we work, and meet peers from all over the world. Personal interviews with hiring managers help you get to know ASML as a possible future employer.

"The PhD Master Class is a really unique opportunity for you to understand how your academic background and the skills that you develop during your PhD project can specifically be suited for the tasks that you’re going to perform in your next job."

Ana Mafalda Monteiro

PhD Master Class participant

the Netherlands

"I'm really amazed by what I saw here. I’m really amazed by the level of science which is done here."

Milos Milanovic

US PhD Symposium participant

United States