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Working round-the-clock to keep our machines running smoothly in customer fabs

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2021 annual figures

ASML has more than 4,000 extremely complex machines in customer fabs (fabrication plants) around the globe. A machine that’s ‘down’ can cost customers thousands of euros per minute, so our Customer Support team works hard to keep them running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Working in Customer Support

Whether you’re a generalist who loves to travel and experience the fast pace of production inside a fab, or a specialist who would rather stay in one place and provide advice for particularly tricky problems, there’s a place for you in Customer Support.

There are over 30 different roles in Customer Support, spanning engineering, program management, project and process development. Together, this department ensures our customers make the most effective use of our hardware and software.

Frontline engineers in our Customer Support (CS) department get to see ASML’s technology in action. Working alongside customers such as Intel, Samsung and TSMC in their fabs, CS engineers aim to detect problems before they can impact production.

Other CS colleagues work from local offices and from our Veldhoven headquarters. CS also works closely with colleagues from departments such as Sourcing & Supply Chain, Development & Engineering and our factories.

Education level and job characteristics for Customer Support 

Our Customer Support organization

In addition to opportunities working with and near our customers, ASML Customer Support also has more than 1,000 employees at our headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. These employees support their colleagues in the field and work to bring the voice of our customers back to the broader ASML organization. They focus on new product introduction, high-volume manufacturing, applications (focusing on our metrology & inspection products) or central services (providing training, process development, and new tooling for customer support employees worldwide).

Three ASML employees examine a piece of machinery in a meeting room, a computer screen in the background.

Career tracks in Customer Support

Frontline engineerFrontline engineer

Work as a generalist ‘in the field’ at chipmaker locations around the world. In this fast-paced cleanroom environment, you’re the first contact with the customer.

Technical expertTechnical expert

Specialize in a particular sub-section of ASML’s machines, supporting frontline engineers from a distance with expert engineering advice.


Become an on-site people manager, or develop into project and program management, working predominantly at our R&D locations to develop and improve services offered in the field.

Product definition specialistProduct definition specialist

Collaborate across departments, translating business objectives into real-world products and services.

“Being a customer support engineer is extremely rewarding because it allows you to work with a team to investigate and troubleshoot problems in a wide range of difficulty. It challenges you every day to chase that ‘high’ of successfully solving the puzzle!”

- Audreyana Foster, customer support engineer

Train on the job

Our machines are so complex that customer support engineers often need months of training. If you’re starting a job at one of our customer sites, you’ll likely spend time getting up to speed at one of our training centers in Taiwan, South Korea, or the Netherlands. Our EUV technology training center is located in Tainan, Taiwan.

Using technology to service technology

ASML not only makes the most advanced machines in the world – we also use cutting-edge technology to service those machines. From advanced diagnostics developed using machine learning to the use of augmented reality using Microsoft HoloLens technology, our team is always pushing the limit, not only of what’s possible with or machines, but also of how we service them.

bird’s eye view of four cleanroom engineers working on the wafer stage of an ASML EUV system.

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