ASML events on campus have been postponed due to coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have been invited to attend an ASML event, you will receive information about the new date. Many events will take place online. After you register, you will receive login details to access the online event. Read our coronavirus (COVID-19) updates here.

Every year in November, we host the ASML PhD Master Class, a three-day event in the Netherlands. Here, we showcase some of the fascinating and extreme technology challenges we’re currently working on at ASML.

When to apply

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Program details

We invite PhD students and graduates to participate in a team-based workshop aimed at cracking challenges.

You'll get to know ASML, our culture and how we work as well as meet peers from all over the world.

Personal interviews with hiring managers help you learn about ASML as a possible future employer.


We encourage you to apply if you graduated less than a year ago or you are in your final year of your PhD program in one of the fields below.

Show fields of study

  • Aerospace engineering

  • (Applied) Physics or astronomy

  • (Physical) Chemistry or chemical engineering

  • Computer science/software engineering, including embedded systems, artificial intelligence, data science, information technology, computational science, or machine learning

  • Electrical engineering

  • Materials science

  • (Applied) Mathematics

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Mechatronics or systems and control

  • Nanotechnology, nanoscience, or nanomaterials

PhD Master Class application process

1. Apply

You’ll need to include a resume with your contact details. You may also include your GPA and any publications.

2. First selection round

We’ll let you know if your resume has been selected. If you are selected to proceed to the second round, we’ll ask you to submit a video cover letter (motivation video).

3. Second selection round

The technical selection board will review your resume and video. We’ll let you know whether you’ve been selected to join the PhD Master Class.


Get in touch with us if you have questions about the ASML PhD Master Class.