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Join ASML and use your hands-on technical skills to build leading-edge lithography machines

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Are you a car mechanic, aerospace engineer or technician? Enjoy using your skills to make things work? Join ASML’s Manufacturing department in Veldhoven, the Netherlands .

Microchips are in your smartphone, PC, gaming console and all other digital devices. You can be part of the team manufacturing the machines that help produce these chips. In our cleanroom factory in Veldhoven you’ll assemble, build or test complex lithography systems. From prototype to final product, you will have the future in your hands.

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You’ll assemble and disassemble our advanced deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography systems. To succeed in this job, you’ll need a vocational (practical) education and hands-on experience in a technical environment.

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You’ll work on our mind-blowing extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography systems. Next to assembling and disassembling, you test and make adjustments. The EUV factory is new, and your help is needed to improve processes for capacity, learning and quality. For this job, you’ll have a vocational (practical) education or bachelor’s degree.

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Test engineer:

You’ll test our deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography systems after they are fully assembled. You'll connect directly to the system through your computer to accurately calibrate and qualify it according to customer requirements. For this role, we're looking for people with a vocational (practical) education or bachelor’s degree.

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System performance engineer

What’s it like to work in manufacturing at ASML? 

Work on world-class technology: Work on DUV lithography systems in the TWINSCAN factory or EUV lithography systems in the EUV factory.

Challenge yourself: No two days are the same in the Manufacturing department.

Collaborate closely: Team spirit is high in the Manufacturing and Planning departments, your colleagues will be committed to doing their best. 

Work in shifts: The EUV factory has a two-shift schedule, while TWINSCAN factory employees work in a five-shift schedule. For example, you will work the morning shift from 6.30 to 15.30 or evening shift from 15.00 to 00.00. You may work six days in a row, but that will be followed by four days off. Working in shifts means that you may need to adjust your sleep-wake cycle. But shift work also gives you the opportunity to create a flexible work-life balance, with time for hobbies, friends and family. You will also receive a generous shift allowance.

“The beauty of working in manufacturing at ASML is that no area is off limits. There’s freedom to move with your interests in high-tech manufacturing, where your own ambition is the only limitation. … I have a big sense of pride when I see the truck rolling away with a physical product on it and I was a part of making that happen.”


- Jim Love, ASML manufacturing lead