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Join ASML’s Manufacturing and Planning department in Veldhoven to assemble, build and deliver complex lithography systems, from prototype to final product.

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With a diversity of manufacturing jobs at ASML, we have a place for you – whether you have a master’s, bachelor’s, or vocational degree.

As a manufacturing engineer or technician at ASML, you’ll help manufacture lithography systems used in the production of computer chips. With these systems, chipmakers can print tiny patterns on silicon and, as the technology advances, make them even smaller and more powerful. ASML lithography systems are essential to this process – and as a technician or engineer manufacturing the machines, so are you.

ASML is looking for manufacturing engineers and technicians with one of the following backgrounds:

  • Applied physics

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive engineering

  • Electronics

  • Mechatronics

  • Manufacturing

  • Mechanical engineering

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our business operations are ongoing and we encourage you to continue applying for jobs. The application process may be conducted differently than usual. Read more information for job applicants here.

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Production engineers and technical support engineers

These challenging positions require you to work to the highest standards and maintain target lead times – all while using your skills in complex production processes.

If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can choose between two types of open manufacturing positions in our factory office and cleanrooms:

Technical support engineer: Analyze and provide solutions for technical disturbances

Production engineer: Design, maintain, and optimize production processes

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Test engineers

Work at the heart of innovative technology by testing the complex machines that shape it. When problems occur, you solve them with an eye on both quality and scheduling.

This is an entry level job if you have a bachelor’s degree, but we also invite those with a secondary vocational degree (equivalent to the Dutch educational level MBO-4) with a few years’ working experience.

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Assembly engineers

You'll assemble, adjust and qualify ASML products or (sub) systems according to agreed specifications and planning.

If you have a secondary vocational degree (equivalent to the Dutch educational level MBO-4), you can work in two different fields:

Module build: Assemble, adjust, qualify and deliver modules to prepare them for system integration

System integration: Integrate complex modules into a complete ASML system

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What’s it like to work in manufacturing at ASML? 

Work on world-class technology: Work on DUV lithography systems in the TWINSCAN factory or EUV lithography systems in the EUV factory.

Challenge yourself: No two days are the same in the Manufacturing and Planning department.

Collaborate closely: Team spirit is high in the Manufacturing and Planning department, with colleagues that are committed to doing their best. 

Work in shifts: Some of these positions require that you work in shifts. You may need to adjust your sleep-wake cycle, but you get the opportunity to create your own work-life balance. You will also receive a shift allowance.

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