What is the ASML Junior Academy?

The ASML Junior Academy is a free STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program launched by ASML in collaboration with Mad Science. The goal is to improve the quality and accessibility of STEM education for children. In the Netherlands, we will provide fun and engaging technology lessons to children aged four to twelve within a 35-kilometer radius of Veldhoven and those from 50 selected schools in Delft, six times a year for a minimum of three years. We're also rolling out the ASML Junior Academy in Wilton, United States. A total of 50 selected schools will have the opportunity to participate in the program. This means we will be bringing technology lessons to approximately 190,000 children in the Netherlands and the US altogether.


As a global technology innovator, we believe in the importance of STEM education. We want to spark children’s interest and imagination and encourage them on their journey to having meaningful roles in an increasingly digitalized world. Read more about why we created the ASML Junior Academy.

When did the program start?

The ASML Junior Academy program started in September 2022 and is now being rolled out to a broader region in the Netherlands as well as other countries.


Who is eligible?

The ASML Junior Academy program is open to primary school students between the ages of four and twelve within a 35-kilometer radius of Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

What will the ASML Junior Academy be teaching?

The ASML Junior Academy program has 75 different STEM classroom workshops. Each class will receive six workshops during one school year. Five of the workshops will be led by Mad Science’s teaching staff (referred to as ‘Mad Scientists’) and, when possible, one by an ASML employee. Most of the workshops can be followed up with experiments that children and their parents can conduct at home.


The program covers a list of explorative STEM themes: from seeing electricity in action to dabbling in coding, students will be able to experience firsthand the magic of technology and science in real life. For details on STEM topics covered by the ASML Junior Academy, check out our list of workshops (in Dutch).

How to enroll

If you’re a teacher working at a primary school based within a 35-kilometer radius of Veldhoven, the Netherlands, sign up by filling out this application form.  


If you’re a parent whose child is eligible, no action is required. To check the program enrollment status of your child’s school, ask your child’s teacher.


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