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Nurturing the next generation of STEM thinkers

We’re launching the ASML Junior Academy to help children thrive in an increasingly technological society

3-minute read - By Alison Li, September 27, 2023

Did you know that by 2025, the European Parliament forecasts that there will be around 7 million new STEM jobs in Europe alone? STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is present in nearly every facet of modern life. At ASML, we believe that all children should be aware of the applications of STEM in their daily lives and have access to technical education in order to be prepared for an increasingly digital future and reach their full potential. This is why we created the ASML Junior Academy. Read on to discover how we’re bringing technology lessons to our communities to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

What is the ASML Junior Academy?

The ASML Junior Academy is a free STEM program launched by ASML in collaboration with Mad Science. The goal is to improve the quality and accessibility of STEM education for children. It provides fun and engaging technology lessons six times a year for a minimum of three years.


In the Netherlands, the ASML Junior Academy program is open to primary school students between the ages of four and twelve within a 35-kilometer radius of Veldhoven and those from 50 selected schools in Delft. In the near future, we intend to bring the ASML Junior Academy to our other global communities to benefit approximately 190,000 children altogether.

Why is ASML investing in STEM education?

  • We want everyone to experience the wonders of technology

As a semiconductor market leader, we’re keenly aware of the impact technology has on our everyday lives. Our researchers and engineers are constantly motivated by a sense of scientific inquiry and a drive for innovation to create solutions that help to address some of humanity’s toughest challenges. Therefore, we feel that it’s our responsibility to spread the joy of discovering and working in technology. Just as our industry experts investigate science phenomena to advance lithography, we hope STEM education can trigger the exploratory switch in students’ minds when they see light pass through a lens or learn how electricity works for the first time.

A child is seen blowing at the foam in his hand as a result of an overflowing flask full of bubbly purple liquid during a science experiment.

We want to help all children experience the wonders of technology and science.

  • STEM benefits our communities

We care about the well-being and future success of our communities. That’s why we’re committed to providing opportunities to educate and build confidence in embracing a digitalized world. STEM education introduces children to the various applications of technology, sparking interest in various technical fields and cultivating essential skills such as cooperation, computational thinking and creativity. Increasing access to STEM education enables children to pursue their passions across all levels of education and apply their learnings to the way they live, work and play – all of which are necessary for the long-term prosperity of our communities.

How ASML is making STEM accessible and impactful

The ASML Junior Academy features 75 classroom workshops with individual lesson cards, worksheets, videos and experiments to encourage maximum participation by both parents and teachers. With a stackable curriculum design that breaks down traditional learning packages into building blocks, teachers can tailor their lesson plans to students' needs, ranging from one hour a month to one hour a week in a classroom setting.


The program covers a list of explorative science themes: from seeing electricity in action to dabbling in coding. Students will be able to experience firsthand the magic of technology and science in real life. In effect, the program paints a detailed picture of how technology and science principles are applied in our daily lives, generating interest in a broad array of academic fields and careers.

Children watch a miniature volcano erupt under water inside a glass container during a classroom demonstration.

The ASML Junior Academy offers exciting workshops that demonstrate a variety of scientific phenomena.

Closing the education gap

Through the ASML Junior Academy, we aim to enhance the quality of STEM education and expand its access for children. To this end, the ASML Junior Academy project will conduct research into the impact of technical education on children's development, identify strategies to improve learning outcomes, and help teachers incorporate STEM lessons into classroom activities for students of all grades. By doing so, we hope to better inform our STEM partners, policymakers and teaching practitioners about the best ways to future-proof education for a more innovative and inclusive society.


Check out our ASML Junior Academy page for more information.

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