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Use your expertise to help us keep ASML’s information and information systems secure

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As a member of the security team, you protect ASML’s assets and you’re at the center of everything that’s digitally exchanged.

You use cutting-edge tools and engage daily with a diverse range of bright minds and departments across the organization.

Be a frontrunner in security innovation

Are you a security professional who wants to help the world’s leading supplier for the semiconductor industry stay safe from risk? Join ASML’s security team.

There are a wide variety of jobs in security at ASML. They’re integral to the process of protecting our information and critical systems as well as our people and buildings. Working here gives you the opportunity to help create and maintain world-class security and security standards to protect ASML’s assets. You’ll help designers and developers secure ASML’s systems, and check them through rigorous testing.

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Why work at ASML?


You have the freedom to be creative and pitch innovative ideas or ways to optimize processes, as well as work with security functions across ASML.


Since security is relevant in many parts of the company, you constantly get to experience different systems, involving different technologies and teams.


Working in small teams – and collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders – allows you to develop and grow.

Work-life balanceWork-life balance

ASML is a fast-paced, demanding work environment, but employee wellbeing and work-life balance are top priorities across the organization.

“Working on a new penetration test each month means you get to experience different systems, involving different technologies and teams. You’re constantly growing your skills and expertise.”

– Esra Alinca, technical security assessments manager

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As an ASML employee, you’ll receive a competitive compensation and benefits package including a 13th month salary, performance-based variable pay and 40 days of paid leave. You’ll also get 8% holiday allowance and you can choose to join our attractive share purchase plan.

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