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Innovation in support to match the pace of the semiconductor industry

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ASML’s IT department takes product and process information technology to the next level. Here, we not only support ASML’s employees around the world but we drive innovation that enables progress.

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Working in IT at ASML

Gain a bird’s eye view of this multinational semiconductor equipment supplier and bring your best ideas to help develop solutions that enable ASML’s cutting-edge technology.


IT explores, designs and evaluates innovative technologies that help teams and departments at ASML tackle their business challenges. This can involve creating mobile apps, developing and implementing enterprise applications, working on advanced analytics projects, designing robust information security architectures, and supporting state-of-the-art data center environments and cloud infrastructure.

Career tracks in IT


Core IT services

You’ll provide our employees with workplace infrastructure, networks and data centers, as well as software applications and licenses. This includes laptops and desktops as well as support for IT applications.


Data & analytics

Design, develop, deploy and maintain scalable data analytics pipelines on ASML’s data platforms for a range of different use cases and applications.

Product and enterprise solution delivery

You’ll collaborate closely with various ASML teams and departments to deliver IT solutions that enable important business capabilities.

Expertise engineering

Provide direction and drive improvement throughout IT in technical areas of expertise such as the cloud, cybersecurity, Scaled Agile Framework and IT architecture.

Types of IT jobs

ASML offers a wide range of IT jobs and career opportunities.


IT engineering roles

Use your skills in DevOps, the cloud, Hana and data design and troubleshoot new information technology systems at ASML.


Agile and SAFe roles

We’re looking for new colleagues to fill roles such as Scrum masters, product and chief product owners, release train engineers and Agile coaches.


IT architect roles

ASML has opportunities for people skilled at defining and communicating a shared architectural and technical vision to join us as a system or enterprise architect.


Specialist roles

Experts in areas such as SAP, Mendix and Spotfire form a valuable part of IT at ASML.


Leadership roles

IT project management is an opportunity for people who are strong technically and enjoy driving a project to completion, while ‘people manager’ positions such as group leader are an option for colleagues who enjoy coaching people and teams.

Innovation in IT

Innovation is at the core of ASML – it’s what we do best. Our IT department not only responds to the company’s fast pace of R&D but advances new ideas and trends that help our colleagues push the limits of technology.


Digital twin

Qualifying ASML’s machines in a virtual chipmaker’s fab to detect problems before they occur.



Enabling faster, easier application development and rollout through drag-and-drop components and model-driven logic.


Artificial intelligence

Developing machine learning tools to get the most out of the vast amounts of data ASML produces.


Cloud automation

Providing the infrastructure flexibility, scalability, availability and performance we need to enable digital transformation.


Building tomorrow’s workplace

Offering cutting-edge technology to our employees so they can create cutting-edge technology for our customers.


Robotic process automation

Saving valuable time, improving execution and reducing error.

“I love being part of progress, with room for growth and entrepreneurship. I joined ASML IT because I want to work in a place where IT is part of the core business of the company. At ASML, IT directly contributes to the creation of the most advanced technology on the planet.

- Martijn van Nierop, department manager for IT Product & Technology: Software Innovation (Veldhoven, the Netherlands)

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Sustainability in IT

IT helps ASML to realize companywide targets through power, circularity and sustainability initiatives.


To address our IT department’s energy footprint, we’ve consolidated our global data centers, where we also work with our partners to optimize energy efficiency. We also work hard to make sure we re-use, recycle or donate all of our workplace equipment, and we’re utilizing IT capabilities to facilitate sustainability initiatives across the rest of the company.

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From DevOps engineer to SAP expert, IT has the opportunity for you.