ASML YieldStar 1375F optical metrology system

YieldStar 1375F

Fast, accurate in-product overlay and CD metrology for after-etch process monitoring.

Key features & benefits


The YieldStar 1375F is the first YieldStar optical metrology system to offer measurements within the chip itself.

Capable of measuring multiple layers at once, this standalone system targets post-etch overlay and critical dimension (CD) measurements, allowing chipmakers to monitor the performance of their whole manufacturing process.


It is considerably faster than scanning electron microscope (SEM) solutions, reducing the cost of ownership for metrology. Yet it delivers excellent accuracy, helping chipmakers improve overlay performance and yield through after-etch process control.

01. Precision measurements

The YieldStar 1375F delivers nanometer-level overlay and CD measurements based on diffraction from chip structures themselves or small targets placed within the chip design.

02. More speed, more data

The YieldStar 1375F’s fast measurement time allows much denser sampling, giving chipmakers more information on how their production processes are performing.
The high speed also enables advanced overlay control feedback loops through our Overlay Optimizer 3 and pattern fidelity control enhancements.

03. Process robustness

Thanks to advanced machine learning technology, and in combination with specifically designed training marks on the reticle, the YieldStar 1375F can learn to accurately measure overlay, while remaining insensitive to other stack variations. This allows for an extremely robust measurement, even in fluctuating conditions.