YieldStar 500

Unprecedented throughput and accuracy for pre-etch overlay and focus measurements across different process conditions

Key features & benefits

The YieldStar 500 is a stand-alone optical wafer metrology system for measuring pre-etch overlay. Using diffraction-based measurements, it offers fast monitoring of overlay and focus performance directly on produced wafers with nanometer-level accuracy.

ASML’s innovative TWINSCAN stage has revolutionized the economics of chip production by massively increasing production speed. Now the YieldStar 500 is the first YieldStar to leverage that innovation. The stage technology has been customized for YieldStar metrology and will significantly improve wafer overhead and move time. The new sensor design increases the system’s optical transmission, which additionally reduces the measurement acquisition time.

The YieldStar 500’s new innovations, including the combined stage and sensor technologies, enable the platform to reach unparalleled throughput and overlay performance. By measuring more wafers and denser surface areas, it allows chipmakers to better understand their whole manufacturing process’s performance and, ultimately, reduce their metrology costs.