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Join our computer scientists and software engineers to design and build some of the most advanced software in the semiconductor industry.

More than 1,500 software engineers create solutions that not only allow us to run our lithography machines, but measure and optimize them.

It’s not all code – our computer scientists are tasked with solving seemingly unsolvable technical challenges. Join us if you’re ready to achieve the impossible.

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In addition to the embedded software that controls our machines, we also build pure software products based on sophisticated simulations of our lithography systems. These help our customers optimize chip designs for manufacturability. Software connects our different types of machines together – measuring, calculating necessary corrections and feeding them back to the lithography system to stabilize performance.

Our computer scientists frequently take on seemingly unsolvable technical challenges. For example, to print structures of just a few atoms on 300-mm wafers, the light source in our lithography machines must be extremely uniform. They developed a system that achieves this uniformity by repositioning 4,000 mirrors 250 times per second – all to an incredible accuracy of 20 microradian.

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Continually developing cutting-edge hardware isn’t easy. Every time a newly updated component is integrated into one of our machines, the overall system performance is disrupted.

That’s why we use software solutions to refine our hardware. Our C++ code base helps us to achieve this:  it’s a highly portable and multi-layered system that keeps pace with the chip-making industry and enables us to deep-dive into novel problems.


Python isn’t just a syntax at ASML. It holds together our pioneering code base, brings our diverse development teams together and, whatever your ambitions, gives you a vast range of career options at ASML.

We use Python across our multidisciplinary development teams. We use it for calibration and performance monitoring of every machine in our product portfolio, allowing our customers to create state-of-the-art computer chips using a complex range of diagnostic tools and an intuitive user interface.


You probably haven’t used C# the way we use it at ASML. As one of our software developers, you’ll get the opportunity to develop complex machine control software and implement complex algorithms.

Many people think that only embedded software is relevant for a machine production company – but ASML has large software departments where people work with C#, Java, .NET, big data, algorithms and UX design.


Java development at ASML is unique. It combines the complexity of NASA-type applications with the big data of Amazon –nowhere else is complexity and high volume combined.

Our Java developers use the very latest tools and techniques, including algorithms, data science, cluster storage technology, Hadoop and Spark retrieval, reliability engineering, statistical modeling, UX design and data visualizations.

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