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Designing and building some of the most advanced software in the semiconductor industry

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Software plays an important role at ASML and can be found throughout our product portfolio. Without our software solutions, it would be impossible for chipmakers to manufacture increasingly advanced and energy-efficient chips.

Working in software at ASML

More than 3,000 software engineers create solutions that allow us to run, measure and optimize our lithography machines and to streamline chipmakers’ manufacturing processes.


Collaboration is key – at ASML, we encourage each other to speak up and contribute, relying on our diverse backgrounds and perspectives to arrive at the best solutions.

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At ASML, we use Java to develop tools that give chipmakers insight into their manufacturing process. Java is also used in diagnostic tools that help our customer support engineers keep our machines running in fabs around the world.

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Our C++ code base is a highly portable and multi-layered system that keeps pace with the chip-making industry and enables us to deep-dive into novel problems.

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We use Python for calibration and performance monitoring of every machine in our product portfolio, allowing our customers to create state-of-the-art computer chips using a range of diagnostic tools and an intuitive user interface.

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You probably haven’t used C# the way we use it at ASML. As one of our software developers, you’ll get the opportunity to develop machine control software and implement complex algorithms.

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Other languages

Join our large software departments where people work with C languages, Java, .NET, MATLAB, big data, algorithms and UX design.

Two ASML engineers in white cleanroom suits use a laptop to test an EUV lithography machine in our factory in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Software in our technology

Where can you make a difference at ASML?


Software can be found throughout our product portfolio – it’s in our EUV (extreme ultraviolet) and DUV (deep ultraviolet) lithography machines, our metrology & inspection systems, and is part of computational lithography. ASML also develops tailored software solutions designed to help our customers optimize the complex chip manufacturing process that takes place in their fabs. Taken together, the software in our ‘holistic’ lithography portfolio helps chipmakers to achieve the highest yield and best performance in mass production.


We also use machine learning to speed up the simulation and manufacturing process, and our data scientists generate valuable insights from the vast amounts of data that our machines produce.

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Career tracks in software


Software development

There are plenty of opportunities for developers and algorithm engineers to design and implement software at ASML.


ASML's software architects develop high-level concepts and designs while collaborating closely with colleagues.

Testing & Integration

Our test engineers safeguard the quality of our products, while integrators ensure that our products are well connected.

Agile & Leadership

Colleagues have the opportunity to develop into various leadership roles, including technical leaders, project leaders and people managers.

Software heroines

Leading the way for women in ICT at ASML


Read about vice president of Software Development & Engineering Wei Li and other women as they pursue their dreams in computer science and software engineering at ASML.

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