Teamwork makes the machines work

Every day, our colleagues in R&D, Manufacturing, Customer Support, Sourcing and Supply Chain, and support functions take on the exciting challenge of building and maintaining the most advanced lithography systems in the world.

Research & Development

Without R&D, ASML wouldn’t exist. Our founders’ goal when they started the company in 1984 was to build a fast and accurate chip-making machine that could compete in the growing semiconductor industry – something that could never be achieved without a relentless focus on R&D, guided by the voice of our customers. In our Research department, ideas are explored and then passed on to Development & Engineering for designing and integration into our products and services. ASML continues to invest heavily in R&D. In 2022, we spent €3.3 billion on R&D.



It’s one thing to design a product – it’s another to build and mass produce it. Our Manufacturing department assembles, builds and delivers all our systems from the prototype stage onwards. It also supports the installation of completed systems at customer sites. Each new generation of systems brings new manufacturing challenges, so sometimes Manufacturing’s job of putting it all together includes taking the machine apart and rethinking it.


Customer Support

After a system is shipped to a customer, the real ‘magic’ begins. Thousands of our engineers worldwide are dedicated to a simple goal: making sure that the lithography systems at our customers’ sites are running smoothly, 24/7. Both in the field and at Global Support Centers on three continents, they aim to detect problems before they can impact production. They carefully monitor each machine’s performance and take corrective action whenever needed. In the rare case that a machine goes ‘down’, our Customer Support engineers spring into action and work together around the clock to get it back up and running as fast as possible.

Technicians working in an ASML cleanroom

Sourcing and Supply Chain

This team works across the business and around the world. Sourcing and Supply Chain teams make sure that all our departments have what they need, when they need it. From idea to end product, their job is to find the right suppliers and work closely with them, and get parts to customers on time – all while working to reduce our environmental impact and minimize waste.

ASML container with parts of a lithography system is loaded into a cargo plane.

Support functions

Although they may not come into daily contact with a machine's design, manufacturing or upkeep, our colleagues in corporate functions like HR, Legal, IT, Sales & Marketing and Finance enable the company to run smoothly.

Two ASML colleagues work together on a whiteboard.