A diverse group of four people sit around a table in ASML Building 6 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Diversity & inclusion

Many backgrounds, one purpose

ASML’s success is driven by our unique and diverse teams. United by our passion for technology, we draw on our core values of challenge, collaborate and care to foster a safe, inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to contribute.

A young woman points to a laptop screen as other colleagues gather round a table at an ASML Agile event.

Dutch roots, global reach

Once a small but intrepid young tech startup, ASML now employs thousands around the globe who represent many different nationalities and bring a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives and skills.


Our diversity is what gives us the ability to challenge the status quo, develop breakthroughs and solve problems more effectively. It helps stimulate creativity, bringing greater depth to discussions, and allows us to consider more alternatives and better anticipate roadblocks.


We welcome unique voices, identities and experiences in our organization, treating each person with the care and respect they deserve.



2022 annual figures



2022 annual figures


Women in senior management

Goal is 12% by 2025


Inclusion index score

2022 employee engagement survey

Unlocking our potential through inclusion

We can only reach our full potential if we intentionally include one another, so we focus on respect, empowering each person to speak up and contribute.


We want all employees to come to work as they truly are, and to feel respected and valued for their unique perspectives and skills.


To promote an inclusive culture, we address any unintentional barriers and encourage employees to challenge the status quo and increase collaboration.

Focus areas

Our three strategic pillars



Broadening our talent pool to include more women, neurodiverse individuals, members of the LGBTQI+ community, and people of historically underrepresented ethnic and racial backgrounds, making sure employees feel supported to grow in their careers.



We cultivate an inclusive culture based on our core values that encourages employees to value different perspectives and collaborate in ways that benefit everyone.



Our leaders aim to become role models for diversity and inclusion at ASML, building inclusive teams that drive innovation. We value their demonstrated commitment and accountability.

“The importance of diversity and inclusion is written into ASML’s core values of challenge, collaborate and care. We take personal responsibility to create a safe, inclusive and trusting environment where people from all backgrounds are encouraged and enabled to speak up, contribute, make mistakes, learn and grow.”

– Peter Wennink, ASML President & CEO


More about our purpose and values

Reaching our goals

ASML has seen improvements in a number of target areas. We increased our female recruitment inflow from 21% in 2021 to 24% in 2022, and our percentage of women in senior management is up from 8.4% in 2021 to 10% in 2022. We also increased our ‘inclusion index’ score – a metric obtained from our yearly employee survey – from 83% in 2021 to 85% in 2022.
We believe that the key to hiring more women and people from other underrepresented groups is to promote STEM education within the future talent pool. We support projects through the ASML Foundation and our community engagement education efforts in which we share our enthusiasm for science and technology with the younger generation, especially young girls.

Employee networks

Creating a supportive environment and enhancing a sense of belonging.


Our Proud network supports LGBTIQ+ rights and inclusion around the world, welcoming a wide gender spectrum and expression. You aren’t just included at ASML – you belong here.

Culture & nationality

SHADES is cultivating a network and resources to drive the advancement of BIPOC, international, and multicultural employees, and relies on allyship to help promote diversity and inclusion at ASML.


Women and WAVES are networks creating a strong, connected group of women and supportive colleagues, with the goal to see an increasing balance in leadership roles.


Atypical, ASML’s neurodiversity employee network, is helping to raise awareness about brain differences and how normal they really are.


The Green network at ASML focuses on reducing and reversing the environmental impact of both our company and individual employees.

Military veterans

Military veterans possess valuable experience and skills that are in high demand at ASML. Our Veterans employee network provides outreach to veterans and their families.

Early career

Next’s goal is to engage, connect and grow the 'next generation' at ASML. Next is a thriving community of professionals who share ideas and network with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Experienced professionals

Seniors is a group that supports colleagues throughout their career, and shares knowledge through mentorship, informal gatherings and events.


The Parents network is a great place to connect with fellow ASML parents, support one another
and share practical information, and promote family-friendly policies.

Top 5 locations our employees come from

Location Share in total workforce Share in management positions
The Netherlands 35% 50%
America 15% 17%
Taiwan 13% 10%
Chinese mainland 6% 5%
South Korea 6% 5%

Global Diversity & Inclusion Council


ASML’s employee-led initiatives are met with strategic involvement from our company’s leaders.


Chaired by Executive Vice President & Chief Business Officer Christophe Fouquet, our Global Diversity & Inclusion Council is developing new ways to address opportunities and expanding programs to support access, belonging and growth at every stage of an employee’s journey at ASML.

Christophe Fouquet, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Officer, is chair of ASML © diversity and inclusion council.

Community commitment


Diversity and inclusion at ASML extends beyond our team to the communities we operate in around the globe. We engage in education, arts and culture, and local outreach activities that provide both short- and long-term benefits for the community, and we encourage others to do the same.

How we engage our communities

Meet Lee Wills, ASML’s Chief Diversity Officer


Lee Wills helps drive ASML’s Global Diversity & Inclusion program at ASML, with the goal of ensuring everyone has equal access to opportunities.

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