ASML fellow Chip Mason

Christopher (Chip) Mason

Defining the leading-edge optical alignment sensor roadmap

"Many people have invested in me through my career, and sharing my thoughts and learnings on leadership is my attempt to pay that forward."

Bringing decades of experience in wafer and reticle alignment systems and measurement of optical aberrations, Chip Mason has been instrumental in defining the optical alignment sensor roadmap for ASML.


Currently also a mentor to many young engineers, Chip has helped to significantly increase their impact on overall system performance.

Get to know Christopher
  • Perkin-Elmer 1981-88, Silicon Valley Group (SVG) 1990, with ASML since 2001
  • Named a Fellow in 2014
  • Based in Wilton, United States


Key contributions


System architecture



Holds nine US patents across 17 ASML patent families