Antoine Kempen, Fellow at ASML

Antoine Kempen

A pioneer in EUV optics and collector lifetime

“What I find extremely important is to keep things light. We all experience pressure at work, but if you can keep yourself emotionally detached through a bit of humor, it frees the mind to come up with solutions faster.”

Antoine has used his expertise in chemistry and materials science to combat contamination and develop breakthrough cleanliness technology in the EUV (extreme ultraviolet) light source and optics, resulting in increased parts lifetime.


He has also made significant contributions to the lifetime of DUV wafer tables – developing coatings and reconditioning strategies that ultimately enable ASML’s overlay roadmap.

Get to know Antoine
  • ASML employee since 2008
  • Named a Fellow in 2022
  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands


Key contributions

  • System design for EUV optics and collector lifetime as well as DUV wafer table coating and corrosion solutions


Materials science and chemistry



Holds 16 US patents across 25 ASML patent families

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As ASML's first materials science Fellow, Antoine demonstrates that when it comes to lithography machines, materials matter.


ASML Fellow Antoine Kempen stands to the right of senior vice president for technology Jos Benschop. He holds up his fellow award. They both stand under the ASML logo.