Jan Mulkens, Corporate Fellow at ASML

Jan Mulkens

A trusted technology expert

"Solving tough problems together with your ‘comrades in arms’ is really rewarding, especially when you eventually see the fruits of your labor working in the customer environment.”

Jan Mulkens has made his mark on various areas of ASML over the years. He has worked on a variety of projects and technologies, from an off-axis illuminator in 1994 to optical lithography for 193 nm the next year, to the first 193-nm system in 1999. He was the champion of immersion lithography, realizing a proof-of-concept immersion scanner in record time, which solidified ASML’s technology leadership.

To our customers, Jan is a trusted technology expert defining the most effective solutions that meet their node-on-node lithography requirements.

Get to know Jan
  • ASML employee since 1992

  • Named a Fellow in 2002

  • Named a Senior Fellow in 2015

  • Named a Corporate Fellow in 2020

  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Key contributions


Optics, holistic lithography (scanner metrology, computational lithography)


Holds 194 US patents across 80 ASML patent families