Jo Finders, Fellow at ASML

Jo Finders

Enabling the continuation of Moore's Law in lithography imaging systems

"If you ask some people here what I’ve done over the past 25 years, they might say, ‘Oh, just imaging’. And that’s true – except for the ‘just’. Imaging is a really broad field – and it’s getting even broader again with EUV.”

Jo Finders is an imaging expert. His contributions to enable the continuation of Moore’s Law through increasingly smaller features on microchips are many.


These contributions include his work on double patterning and – more recently – pushing EUV optical imaging to the limit through scanner as well as mask optimization, while always focusing on customer needs.

Get to know Jo
  • ASML employee since 1997
  • Named a Fellow in 2006
  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands


Key contributions

  • Low k1 imaging, proximity matching, and optimization for double exposure and double patterning


Imaging applications



Holds 50 US patents across 47 ASML patent families