Martijn Leenders, Fellow at ASML

Martijn Leenders

Measuring risk, reaping rewards for immersion and EUV systems

“There's only one way to test the practical viability of a system solution and that’s to have customers actually use it.”

Martijn Leenders has the ability to design complex machines and balance the performance and risk over various modules.

Martijn was a key member of the team that created ASML’s first immersion system. He also played an important role within the team that built the first EUV system.

Get to know Martijn
  • ASML employee since 2000

  • Named a Fellow in 2013

  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Key contributions

  • Immersion architecture and key components (for example, immersion hood)


System architecture and engineering


Holds 119 US patents across 70 ASML patent families