Simon Mathijssen, ASML Fellow

Simon Mathijssen

An expert in alignment and overlay metrology

“I am a problem solver. I like to work on complex problems, particularly in a challenging environment in which you have to take into account both technical and business considerations.”

With his excellent skills in physics and mathematics, Simon Mathijssen is a well-acknowledged authority in optics, optical sensors and their applications in semiconductor fabs.


He has worked intensively on breakthrough solutions in the field of wafer alignment and overlay, in close interaction with customers using ASML’s most advanced technology.

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Applying his expertise in overlay metrology and optics, Simon and his colleagues work to align chip layers with extreme accuracy.


ASML Fellow Simon Mathijssen in a classroom points to a whiteboard which has drawings on it.
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  • ASML employee since 2011
  • Named a Fellow in 2021
  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands


Key contributions

  • Process robustness enhancements of alignment and overlay metrology


Alignment and overlay metrology



Holds 47 US patents across 41 ASML patent families