Tammo Uitterdijk, Fellow at ASML

Tammo Uitterdijk

Delivering design and process innovations for clamping customer reticles and wafers (DUV & EUV).

One of the key benefits of working in Wilton is that, whenever we design a product, I can just go to the manufacturing area and the people there give me instant feedback. They’ve really helped me understand the complexity of our modules and how we have to design them to be manufacturable while delivering the right performance.”

Tammo Uitterdijk is a design engineer who has delivered numerous key technical contributions on many different products – including projection optics, DUV wafer tables, EUV reticle – and wafer clamps . By bridging D&E and Operations, Tammo has continually delivered innovative design solutions and manufacturing processes. He has a unique ability to identify the root cause of problems and then explain the issue in a very clear manner to team members, enabling a rapid resolution.

Get to know Tammo
  • ASML employee since 1997

  • Named a Fellow in 2023

  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Key contributions

  • Process and design innovations for EUV reticle and wafer clamps

  • Innovations on refurbishing  returned DUV wafer tables 


Projection optics, electrostatic clamp design and manufacturing of glass/ceramics


Holds 31 US patents across 18 ASML patent families