Hans Butler, Fellow at ASML

Hans Butler

Capturing the big picture on lithographic scanner accuracy

"When something behaves unexpectedly, I can’t stop thinking about it until I understand why. Whether it’s an air conditioning unit or a reticle stage that’s not working properly, I just have to find a solution."

Hans Butler is an expert in lithographic scanner dynamics and control. He takes an integrated view on scanner module dynamics and their interaction, as well as on the control architecture, to optimize overall system accuracy.

In 2012, Hans was appointed as part-time professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he is educating the next generation of control engineers.

Get to know Hans
  • ASML employee since 1991

  • Named a Fellow in 2010

  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Key contributions

  • Control technologies for stages and other scanner modules


Scanner dynamics and control


Holds 129 US patents across 126 ASML patent families