Circular economy

Minimizing waste, maximizing resources

The modular design of our products allows us to extract the maximum value from the materials we use and repurpose our products across their life cycles.

While putting continuous effort into innovation, we also want to ensure the increasingly sustainable use of materials across our processes and value chain.

Extending system lifetime

As we move away from the linear ‘Take, Make, Dispose’ model, we believe the circular economy is vital to ensure the future success and competitiveness of the semiconductor equipment industry.


Our refurbished products business refurbishes and upgrades our older lithography systems to a higher performance level to extend their lives. We are able to upgrade our systems while they are in use ‘in the field’ thanks to their modular design.

A well-maintained ASML lithography system could last for decades and be used by more than one fab. For example, many ASML lithography systems are used in cutting-edge fabs and are then given a new lease of life in, for example, a fab where the manufacturer requires comparatively less sophisticated chips (such as accelerometers or radio frequency chips). The vast majority of our systems are still operational in one form or another.

‘As-new’ program helps cut waste

To help achieve such sustainability, we are introducing our ‘As-new’ modules, which are being integrated into our mainstream manufacturing lines and are suitable for multiple product life cycles.

Working together with customers and suppliers, we have introduced a new program to remanufacture used system parts so that they can be reused as if they were new parts. The first pilot scheme demonstrated a positive environmental impact and is now being expanded further.