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Climate & energy

Taking every step to lower our footprint

We aim to achieve zero emissions across our operations and reduce our carbon footprint throughout our value chain.

Our energy master plan includes initiatives to increase the energy-efficiency and productivity of our systems, and reduce emissions through improved processes, as well as an offsetting strategy to balance our emissions.

Energy efficiency of our products

People across the world are using ever-more powerful and sophisticated devices, which drives demand for microchips. This in turn drives demand for our chip making systems to produce smaller, faster, cheaper, more powerful, and energy-efficient chips. We can only meet this demand by consistently and continuously advancing our technology. At the same time, we aim to invent, develop and manufacture our products in a more environmentally friendly way, striving to make sure that our products are manufactured and can be operated responsibly across their entire life cycle.

By 2025, we aim to reduce the energy use per wafer of our future-generation EUV NXE systems by 60% (compared to the NXE:3400).

 In relation to our latest EUV systems, which are now at the point of high-volume production, we are exploring opportunities to achieve energy savings for these systems across the following areas:

  • Redesigning the pre-vacuum systems for our EUV systems in a manner that uses less energy.

  • Increasing the recycling rate of the hydrogen (H2) used in our systems, in partnership with our suppliers.

  • Exploring the opportunity of some electronics of the EUV system operating at higher temperatures.

  • Reducing the amount of energy used for cooling purposes in these systems at our customer sites.

Zero-emission operations

At ASML, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by improving our operational efficiency. Our strategy to achieve zero carbon emissions includes use of renewable electricity and reducing emissions in our value chain. In 2019, we used 97% renewable electricity across our operations and are on track to make this 100% by the end of 2020.

Our financial commitment to renewable projects that generate Guarantees of Origin (GO2) helps us achieve renewable electricity usage. For example, we recently invested in a 1MW hydropower project in Sandvik, Norway and a 3.5MW hydropower project in Skânevik, Norway.

Enhancing energy efficiency is another priority at ASML. Our ambition is to achieve energy savings through process optimization, by the provision of cycle time reductions and by optimizing our global real estate portfolio.

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