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We are proud of our employees – some of the world's top talent – who take pride in what they do and are engaged with our ambitions as a company.

ASML's workforce has grown steeply in recent years. This growth, the large number of new employees, and the evolution of the company, require us to help our people embrace our values and familiarize themselves with our strategy and purpose. We put ample effort into this, providing our employees with opportunities and the best environments to develop their talent, feel respected and to thrive.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, 8

UN Sustainable Development Goal

Building a strong talent pool

To maintain our fast pace of innovation and ensure our long-term success as a company, we need to attract and retain the best talent. Because we know that every employee is at a different stage in their employee journey and has unique needs, we provide tailor-made training and development programs to help grow the highly skilled professionals we employ. We also offer varied career paths and have tools in place to support our employees' career navigation.

We know that the complexity of our products means new and existing employees face a steep learning curve. When someone first starts with ASML, our ‘Buddies’ system helps them find their way. To help these newcomers quickly understand our business and feel welcome, we also put significant effort into onboarding processes.

Enhancing employee engagement

Employee engagement and employability are the cornerstones of a sustainable relationship with our employees. Engagement is the dedication our employees have for their jobs and ASML, and employability is our employees’ capacity to adjust, sustain and improve their performance over time.

To achieve this high level of employee engagement and employability, we work to facilitate an inspiring and safe work environment, which helps our employees strike a good work-life balance and grow from a personal and professional perspective. Our engagement survey score was 78% in 2022, in line with 2021 – 4 percentage points above our external global benchmark of 74%.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

ASML’s success is driven by our unique and diverse teams. United by our passion for technology, we draw on our core values of challenge, collaborate and care to foster a safe, inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to contribute.

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