Empowering individuals for the collective good

We’re working hard to attract the world’s top talent and to ensure our employees are proud to work for us and engaged with our ambitions as a company.

To help achieve this, we provide our employees with the opportunities and best environments to develop their talent, feel respected, and to thrive.

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Building a strong talent pool

At ASML, we understand that developing our people is crucial for the sustained success of our business. So, we continuously seek to improve and professionalize, responding to changing business requirements and developments in the labor market.

To maintain our fast pace of innovation and ensure our long-term success as a company, we also need to attract and retain the best talent. However, highly skilled people with a technical background are scarce in the labor market and competition is growing. To address this growing digital skills gap, we are focusing on two key areas:

  • Our internal talent - We assess the development potential of our employees for new roles and identify candidates for certain positions. We encourage our employees to discuss their career ambitions with their managers and help them to pursue any suitable opportunities.

  • Our external talent - We cooperate closely with universities across Europe, the US and Asia to attract highly talented staff, and also offer a wide range of internships and scholarships.

We also know that the complexity of our products means new and existing employees face a steep learning curve.

To help our new hires understand our business in a short timeframe, we put significant effort into our onboarding processes. Our ‘Buddies’ system assigns an experienced employee to each newcomer to help them find their way at ASML and in their new role.

We also offer tailor-made training and development programs to help grow the talented and highly skilled professionals we employ at ASML. This aids retention and also helps our employees build new knowledge, skills, and competencies. As a result, the attrition rate for new hires was down 4.3% In 2019.

Enhancing employee engagement

Employee engagement and employability are the cornerstones of a sustainable relationship with our employees. Engagement is the dedication our employees have for their jobs and ASML, and employability is our employees’ capacity to adjust, sustain and improve their performance over time.

To achieve this high level of employee engagement and employability, we try to create an inspiring and safe work environment, which helps our employees strike a good work-life balance and grow from a personal and professional perspective. Our 2019 survey showed that our employee engagement is high, with an engagement score of 77%, compared to the external peer benchmark of 73%.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workforce provides the necessary mix of voices and points of view required to develop the best solutions and ideas for our business.

We’re proudly culturally diverse, with more than 120 different nationalities. Gender diversity is a concern in our industry, and we make continuous effort to recruit and retain women in our workforce. In fact, to increase our future talent pool and get young women interested in technology, ASML also supports initiatives in the Netherlands such as Girlsday, where girls aged 10-15 are given the opportunity to learn more about technology. We also support similar initiatives in the US and Asia.

We subscribe to the ‘Declaration of Amsterdam’, which is an initiative by Amsterdam-based Workplace Pride. It’s a call to action for employers, unions and governments to implement concrete changes that ensure progress in matters affecting LGBTI people.

Our Pink ASML initiative aims to highlight the increasing importance of LGBTI inclusion in the tech industry. The project recently received the Most Engaged Network Award at the Workplace Pride Foundation Leadership Awards.

We take part in public discussions on diversity and immigration, making it clear that ASML strongly believes in offering jobs to people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion or nationality. We oppose legislation that limits people’s right to travel freely, based on such criteria.

We promote diversity and inclusion through our efforts to integrate people with disabilities in our workforce. We pay particular attention to people with autism, hosting lectures and promoting discussion to enhance awareness and accommodate the integration of those with autism, and other minorities in our company.


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