Evert Mos, Fellow at ASML

Evert Mos

Aligning process control with customers’ needs.

"At ASML, I have the privilege of working with bright minds to get to the essence of an issue. It’s great to see customers using the solutions we develop with this approach."

Evert is an authority on alignment, process overlay and advanced process control for overlay and critical dimension whose innovation has been applied in customers’ manufacturing facilities around the world. He was the lead technologist for Litho InSight – a guided flow to setup lithography in a single optimization platform – and developed system control reference architectures for EUV, DUV, Litho InSight and optimizers. In the former role, Evert created the estimation and optimization control concept and worked with customers to integrate these concepts in their semiconductor fabs. His creativity and excellent engineering sense are valued both by colleagues and across the wider industry.

Get to know Evert
  • ASML employee since 1999
  • Named a Fellow in 2023
  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands


Key contributions

  • Enabling high resolution lithography actuation of dose and overlay for process control
  • Scanner control reference architecture for EUV, DUV, Litho InSight and optimizers 
  • Litho InSight product definition and lead technologist


Alignment, process overlay and process control for overlay and critical dimension.


Holds 70 US patents across 52 ASML patent families