Patrick Tinnemans, Fellow at ASML

Patrick Tinnemans

Tackling complex mathematical-physics problems, finding practical solutions

"I consider myself lucky to have received valuable mentoring feedback over the years, often from older, more experienced colleagues. Now that I'm in the second stage of my career, I try to pay that forward."

Patrick Tinnemans has superb mathematical skills which he uses to tackle complex mathematical-physics problems and find practical solutions.


Patrick’s algorithms are used every day in fabs across the globe to obtain robust overlay, alignment and imaging in ASML’s lithography systems.

Get to know Patrick
  • ASML employee since 2000
  • Named a Fellow in 2018
  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands


Key contributions

  • Correction of mark-deformation through measurement of pupil intensity for ORION wafer alignment sensor


Mathematics, physics



Holds 87 US patents across 67 ASML patent families