Marco Wieland, Fellow at ASML

Marco Wieland

Accelerating ASML HMI e-beam metrology and inspection systems

“When a problem arises, we sometimes just don’t want to admit it. Finding a solution starts with recognizing there’s an issue, and trying to fully understand it.”

Marco Wieland was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of MAPPER. He was the leading engineer designing and realizing their e-beam lithography system.


At ASML, Marco uses his e-beam system knowledge and experience to accelerate ASML’s HMI e-beam metrology and inspection systems.

Get to know Marco
  • Co-founded Mapper in 2000, with ASML since 2019
  • Named a Fellow in 2020
  • Based in Delft, the Netherlands


Key contributions

  • Co-founder and CTO of Mapper, acquired by ASML in 2019


Electron lithography and metrology



Holds 62 US patents across 73 patent ASML families