Evert Mos, Fellow at ASML

William van Drent

Translating physical understanding into practical solutions.

"I like tackling big problems. If it looks too difficult to solve, I ask everyone around how we can make it simpler and then maybe we can solve it – we try to find simple solutions to complex problems. The challenge is to bring a problem back to the underlying fundamentals and then drive solutions from that physics understanding."

Currently focusing on electrostatic wafer clamps and our EUV light sources, William is a system engineer who has a strong track record in translating his physical understanding into practical solutions across ASML’s lithography portfolio. He has been instrumental in numerous innovations within the EUV source as well as our EUV and DUV lithography systems. His expertise in areas ranging from alignment, overlay and availability to tin management, tin pressurization, defectivity, droplet generator and clamps is highly valued by collaborators across ASML, our suppliers and customers.

Get to know William
  • ASML employee since 2006

  • Named a Fellow in 2023

  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Key contributions

  • Solving magnetic crosstalk between the NXT3 wafer stage and projection optics 

  • Resolving tin contamination challenges in the EUV source 

  • Tri-level grating to suppress infrared in EUV systems 





Holds 10 US patents across 6 ASML patent families