Giving our technical experts the recognition they deserve

The ASML Fellowship Program is an honor program for employees who have made remarkable contributions to the success of ASML.

ASML Fellowship Program

At ASML, we recognize and honor our technical experts. How could we not? Our company’s success is built on technology leadership. One of the ways we do this is through the ASML Fellowship Program.

We award the title of ‘Fellow’ to a select few experienced employees who have made an outstanding technical contribution to ASML and are recognized both inside and outside the company as a top technical authority. They’ve usually generated a significant amount of intellectual property and have a long list of patents and technical publications. They are also valuable mentors for other engineers.

How Fellows are appointed

Nominations for new Fellows are submitted by their colleagues to the Fellow Committee of ASML. The Committee announces the names of any new Fellows, Senior Fellows, or Corporate Fellows during ASML’s Technology Conference.

The Fellowship program has three levels: Fellow, Senior Fellow and Corporate Fellow. Fellows have usually made an impact in one product area, Senior Fellows have a range of competences and have racked up accomplishments in multiple product areas along one or more business lines, and the Corporate Fellows have led ASML to new directions, impacting our industry as a whole.